• Army Soldier Job Description

    An army soldier is a person who serves in the army – the branch of a country’s armed forces trained for land warfare. Army soldiers perform duties such as operating and maintaining military equipment, guarding and protecting people and properties under threat, and helping in disaster relief and emergency management efforts.

    Army soldiers should be patient, courageous, patriotic, physically fit, and disciplined (both physically and mentally) to cope with the physical and mental demand of their job. They should be able to follow orders and stick to the plans of their commanders, and willing to travel and serve anywhere they are deployed.

  • What does an Army Soldier do?

    Army soldiers may do some or all of the following:

    • operate and maintain a variety of military equipment such as machine guns, military vehicles, and communication and signal equipment
    • instruct, manage and coordinate subordinate soldiers
    • train and exercise using a wide range of military equipment and tactics
    • take orders from commanders and follow them without question
    • guard and protect people and properties under threat
    • help in disaster relief and emergency management efforts
    • fight and engage in military combat operations against enemy forces to defend their country
  • Where does an Army Soldier work?
  • Working Conditions

    Army soldiers may work long irregular hours to meet work commitments. They usually work outdoors. They are required to wear military uniforms and carry specialized equipment such as rifles, grenade launchers and military surveillance equipment. They may travel locally or internationally for peacekeeping or to support disaster relief programs.

  • What is Required to Become an Army Soldier ?

    To become an army soldier, you have to enlist in the army. To be eligible, you will need to have completed your secondary school education, be medically and physically fit, and have no criminal convictions. There is also an age limit to be enrolled in the army. In some countries, you will be required to be at least 16 yrs of age.

  • Modules
  • Specializations
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

    Army soldiers need to have:

    • patience
    • adaptability
    • agility
    • fearlessness
    • peacefulness
    • cautiousness
    • self-discipline
    • self-motivation
    • physical fitness and strength
    • good hearing and eyesight
    • good hand-eye coordination
    • good listening and communication skills
    • good judgment and decision making skills
    • good teamwork skills
    • observational skills
    • organizational skills
    • analytical and problem solving skills
    • practical and technical skills
    • leadership skills
    • first aid skills
    • math and science skills
    • the ability to develop skills in the use of firearms
    • the ability to work well under pressure
    • the ability to obey orders willingly
    • the ability to maintain physical agility and endurance at all times
    • knowledge of signal and communication equipment
    • knowledge of map reading and interpretation
    • knowledge of military operations and tactics
    • knowledge of camouflage techniques
    • knowledge of army customs and traditions
    • knowledge of the principles of war


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