• Blogger Job Description

    A blogger is a person who writes, edits and publishes posts for a blog. Bloggers blog for different reasons; One reason is for passion and another is to make money from their blog. And as they blog, they share ideas, connect with people and learn new things.

    A blogger should be passionate, creative, innovative, and an exceptional writer to create exciting contents that can capture the emotions and energize their readers. A blogger should know his or her purpose in blogging. They should also know how to engage their readers and interact on social media.

  • What does a Blogger do?

    Bloggers may do some or all of the following:

    • Research articles
    • Write, edit and publish posts
    • Promote blog posts on social media
    • Engage with blog readers and respond to their comments
    • Design and maintain the blog design
  • Where does a Blogger work?
  • Working Conditions

    Bloggers may work long or irregular hours, but self employed bloggers can set their own working hours. Some bloggers work on freelance basis, creating posts for whoever pays them.

    Bloggers may work from home, in offices or anywhere an internet access is available. Bloggers may travel to attend relevant events, fairs or conferences.

  • What is Required to Become a Blogger ?

    There are no formal requirements to become a blogger.

  • Modules
  • Specializations
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

    Bloggers need to have:

    • tactfulness
    • self-discipline
    • courteousness
    • friendliness
    • adaptability and versatility
    • Patience, dedication determination and resilience
    • Positive aptitude
    • Passion for blogging and ability to enjoy what they are blogging about
    • Love for creating exciting contents
    • good attention to detail
    • good communication skills
    • good writing skills
    • Time management and organizational skills
    • computer skills
    • good judgment and decision making skills
    • good research skills
    • the ability to relate to a wide variety of people
    • the ability to work well under pressure and manage stress
    • the ability to relate to a wide range of people
    • the ability to take criticism
    • the ability to create unique and quality content
    • the ability to connect with other bloggers
    • the ability to engage blog readers
    • email marketing knowledge
    • knowledge of CMS (content management systems)
    • knowledge of search engine optimization
    • knowledge of social media marketing
    • knowledge of web hosting and domain name registration


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