• Graphic Designer Job Description

    A graphic designer is a person who creates visual concepts, by hand or by using computer software, to communicate ideas. A graphic designer designs and creates visuals such as logos for companies, interfaces for websites, characters for computer games, business cards for businesspersons, or brochures/leaflets for advertisements.

    A graphic designer should have a good visual sense and the ability to use color. They should be perceptive, creative and imaginative to come up with great ideas for designs, and practical to express the ideas and bring them to live. They should also be well organized and good at time management to avoid stressful works due to deadlines.

  • What does a Graphic Designer do?

    Graphic designers may do some or all of the following:

    • conceptualize, design and produce visuals
    • collaborate with other colleagues involved in the graphics design project
    • discuss with the client to understand their requirements and the purpose for the project
    • conduct research to increase their design knowledge
    • give a cost estimate for the project
    • develop design ideas for the project
    • show design ideas to the client and make changes as the client wishes
    • create the final design for the project
  • Where does a Graphic Designer work?
  • Working Conditions

    Graphic designers usually work normal business hours, but may sometimes work evenings and weekends to meet deadlines. They work in offices, in studios, and at home. They may travel for work or to attend conferences or seminars.

  • What is Required to Become a Graphic Designer ?

    To become a graphic designer, you will need a certificate or a degree in graphic design, media arts, visual communication or another closely related discipline.

  • Modules

    Just to give you an idea, some of the classes that you’ll be taking in college may include:

    • Photography
    • Art history and Studio Art
    • Printmaking
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Digital Imaging
    • Computer Animation
    • Information architecture
    • Applied typography
    • Information graphics
    • Principles of Design
    • Web design
    • Illustration
    • Publication
    • Editorial design
    • Branding
  • Specializations

    A graphic designer may specialize to become one or more of the following:

    • Art Director
    • Brand Identity Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Layout Artist
    • Logo Designer
    • Photographer
    • Photo Editing / Photoshop Artist
    • Prepress Technician
    • Web Designer
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

    Graphic designers need to have:

    • patience
    • determination
    • stamina
    • flexibility
    • imagination and creativity
    • manual dexterity
    • good attention to detail
    • good hand-eye co-ordination
    • good communication skills
    • good judgment and decision making skills
    • analytical and problem solving skills
    • time management and organizational skills
    • negotiating skills
    • computer skills
    • customer service skills
    • the ability to work well independently and in a team
    • the ability to work well under pressure
    • the ability to improvise
    • the ability to use color
    • the ability to listen to their clients and anticipate their needs
    • knowledge of art history
    • knowledge of art materials and techniques
    • knowledge of printing and production methods
    • knowledge of graphic design software such as Adobe creative suite, CorelDraw graphics suite or QuarkXPress
    • knowledge of advertising and marketing
    • knowledge of xml and html


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