• Web Manager Job Description

    A web manager is a person whose job is to oversee the day-to-day functioning of a website. Their job involves managing the design and functionality of a website, performing software updates, developing and/or updating web content, and monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the website performance.

    A web manager should be enthusiastic, well-organized, quick-witted, insightful, analytical, adaptable, and detail-oriented, and have the ability to communicate effectively. They should have an eye for style and good design, and good knowledge of search engine analytics.

  • What does a Web Manager do?

    Web managers may do some or all of the following:

    • work with web developers and designers, network and server technicians, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and clients.
    • prepare a project plan for the development of a website, including timelines, and budgets
    • develop site or prepare a comprehensive development brief for web developers
    • post and refresh content of the website
    • monitor web servers and the site technical performance, checking for errors and bugs
    • troubleshoot problems associated with the site’s functionality
    • run and maintain databases
    • help plan the website marketing strategy
    • ensure the website domain registration and hosting are current
    • write reports on web management
    • provide support and coaching to other workers
    • keep up with web technology and trends
  • Where does a Web Manager work?
  • Working Conditions

    Web managers usually work normal office hours, but may also work evenings and weekends, or be on call. They work in offices, but may also work from home. They spend majority of their time in front of a computer terminal developing or managing websites.

  • What is Required to Become a Web Manager?

    To become a web manager, a degree in computer science or a related discipline is helpful.

  • Modules
  • Specializations
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

    Web managers need to have:

    • patience
    • creativity
    • adaptability
    • diligence and determination
    • good e-commerce experience
    • good attention to detail
    • good judgment and decision making skills
    • good listening and communication and report writing skills
    • good time management and organizational skills
    • good interpersonal skills
    • leadership skills
    • technical skills
    • marketing skills
    • analytical and problem solving skills
    • the ability to work well under pressure
    • the ability to take initiative
    • knowledge of project management principles and practices
    • knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX and JavaScript
    • knowledge of Apache, Linux, SQL and PHP
    • knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
    • knowledge of content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, SilverStripe, and/or Drupal
    • knowledge of search engine analytics and Search engine optimization techniques


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