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    Date Posted: 2018-04-01

    Hotels.ng, a hotel booking platform, is looking for a smart, tenacious individual to deliver on their content objectives in their hotel relationships business development department. Your job will be to grow and execute on projects that help them standardize the information they have on over 10,000 hotels.


    • Contact and rate fixes for hotels
    • Assist hotels with getting started on Hotels.ng
    • Acquire new hotels across the country
    • Plan and execute on departmental projects
    • Act as the communication bridge between the company and the hotel's employees
    • Research data about hotels and come up with solutions that help us operate better
    • Maintain and update information on hotels.

    Our ideal candidate

    • You are a fresh graduate (pre/post-NYSC) or about to complete a University degree or its equivalent, and you are popularly regarded as smart and creative by your peers.
    • You have a curious mind, and you are always excited to try new things.
    • You are comfortable using and learning new technology without external guidance and you own a laptop.
    • You read a lot on a lot of subjects and you can easily draw parallels on how this information tie into each other.
    • You think there's never enough time in the day, and you find ways to automate your work.
    • You have used Microsoft or Google spreadsheets, and you can not wait to use them more often.
    • You write great sales pitches and people say you can sell ice to an Eskimo.
    • You\'re fascinated by digital marketing, and you\'ve probably learned important concepts like SEO and analytics.
    • You are able to work on multiple things simultaneously without dropping the ball
    • You break down your plans into smaller achievable goals while you work your way up to the main goal.

    How to Apply

    If interested and qualified, click here to apply

    work Hotels.ng

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