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    Date Posted: 2021-05-10

    Digital Abundance is a company that is using the internet and emerging Technology to create wealth for people in developing nation. We are hiring a community manager in Lagos.

    Job Details

    A community manager acts as the face and voice of a company. As a community manager for DABA, you're responsible for managing and handling communications, public relations, social media, events, and content creation in the company.

    As an online education company equipping people with digital skills, our audience is made up of young people who are seeking to escape the shackles of traditional systems and take innovative paths to create wealth for themselves.

    DABA is a company bringing innovative solutions to the edtech space. Over 80% of our customer base are students and entrepreneurs, thus it is important to expose them to content that would reflect our vision and the need to fulfill this vision.

    This content would be in the form of blog posts, online events, social media content, and other forms of online media.


    • Establish, schedule, and implement social media and communication campaigns and strategies.
    • Provide engaging text, image, and video content for all social media and professional accounts
    • Respond to customers promptly.
    • Regulate, track and give feedback and online reviews.
    • Oversee and manage events to improve brand awareness
    • Liaise with the design team, social media, and content team.
    • Reply to customers promptly.
    • Create relationships with customers, industry experts, and journalists.
    • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends.


    • At least 1-2 years experience creating content that relates to Internet based platforms (added plus for those with Blockchain writing experience) with demonstrable experience.( Blog posts, research, presentations etc)
    • Keen understanding of what Newbies in the Cryptocurrency space need guidance with.
    • Understanding of how to leverage multiple platforms (email, social media, etc.) to engage with the target audience.
    • Combination of attention to detail and creative, strategic thinking.
    • Excellent communication skills with a mindset for collaboration.
    • An Experience with Copywriting.
    • Creating content that meets SEO standards.


    1. Verified work experience as a community manager or related position.
    2. Knowledge planning and overseeing community initiatives.
    3. Capacity to recognize and track applicable community KPIs
    4. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    5. Exceptional interpersonal and presentation skills.
    6. Ability to use Telegram and Whatsapp


    1. Empathy
    2. Good listening skills
    3. Engagement skills
    4. Analytical knowledge


    A No-Excuses Mentality Hard Working Creativity in Problem Solving A Growth Mindset Extreme Ownership Strong character

    Salary: 85-100k (can be negotiated)

    work Digital Abundance

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