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    Date Posted: 2021-05-10

    Digital Abundance is a company that is using the internet and emerging Technology to create wealth for people in developing nation. We are hiring a growth manager in Lagos

    Job Details

    A growth manager is the middleman between the marketing department and the research & development teams.

    As a growth manager at Digital Abundance. you would be responsible for evaluating customer growth and retention. You would play a role in upselling, that is, selling new products to existing customers.

    Digital Abundance is a company bringing innovative solutions to the Edtech, wealth, blockchain and crypto space. Over 80% of our customer base are students, entrepreneurs, investors, traders and career enthusiastic youths, thus it is important to expose them to content that would reflect our vision and the need to fulfill this vision.

    A growth manager is responsible for identifying a company's growth opportunities and managing its team's effort to fill in these opportunity gaps. The growth manager sets goals and leads the efforts to reach these goals. ... Work with the engineering, design, and product team to implement tests quickly.


    • Define the company’s growth plan. This also includes creating a clear roadmap for the company.
    • Coordinate and execute the growth plan.
    • Optimize the company’s revenue funnel.


    • A degree or certificate in marketing or business management/administration
    • Keen understanding of what Newbies in the Cryptocurrency space need guidance with.
    • Combination of attention to detail and creative, strategic thinking.
    • Excellent communication skills with a mindset for collaboration.
    • The person must be able to work with, interpret and process data.


    • Good leadership and project management skills
    • Good research skills
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • Google Docs


    1. Excellent written and oral communication skills
    2. Strong presentation skills
    3. Ability to think creatively and strategically


    A No-Excuses Mentality Hard Working Creativity in Problem Solving A Growth Mindset Extreme Ownership Strong character

    Work Tool Stack

    1. Notion - Documentation and Collaboration
    2. Google Docs - Documentation
    3. Powerpoint - Presentation

    Salary: 50-100k (can be negotiated)

    work Digital Abundance

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