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    Date Posted: 2019-05-28

    Itara, a Nigerian E-commerce and Internet consumer company, is hiring a MOBILE DEVELOPER in Lagos.

    Essential responsibilities

    •Develop mobile e-commerce apps for consumers and sellers.

    •Develop and Integrate APIs to support mobile functionality.•Troubleshoot and debug app to optimize performance.•Improve apps for maximum speed.•Work with the development team to constantly innovate app functionality and design.

    •Write comprehensive manuals, guides,and documents.

    •Create innovative product features.Required skills

    •Proficient in any of these programming languages; Java,.Net,Kotlinor Swift.

    •Proficient in Androidor IOS mobile app development.

    •Possess the ability to develop and integrate APIs.

    •Deeply familiar with Microsoft Azure, Analytics, Power BI and software development kits.

    •Deeply familiar with repositories (GitHub, BitBucket,etc).

    •Able to create native apps and ad technologies.

    •Familiar withcreatingalgorithmsand keen onArtificial intelligence (AI).

    •Problem-solving and the ability to interpret and follow technical plans.

    •Strong communication and collaboration skills.

    •Deep knowledge of search engines (algorithms and optimization).

    •Deeply familiar with enterprise applications.

    What we expect

    •Possess a Computer science degree or relevant experience/certification.

    •You must be a team player and a problem solver.

    •Understand the nitty-gritty of the business and how technology can advance the business.

    •Stay up-to-date with new technology trends.

    •Employ the latest technology in product development.

    •Attention to details.

    •Excellent oral and written communication skills.

    •Possess general business development knowledge. Show familiarity with both local and global E-commerce trends.

    •Familiar with search engines (algorithms and design).

    Method of Application

    If this is you, send your CV to info@itara.co

    work Itara

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