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    work Digital Abundance
    Date Posted: 2021-05-10

    Digital Abundance is a company that is using the internet and emerging Technology to create wealth for people in developing nation.

    We are looking for a Storyteller/Scriptwriter to write compelling stories to promote our brand image. In this position, you would be required to explore your experience

    and Creativity to tell our stories through our course ads, voiceovers, and other video content.

    As an online education company equipping people with digital skills, our audience is made up of young people who are seeking to escape the shackles of traditional systems and take innovative paths to create wealth for themselves.

    DABA is a company bringing innovative solutions to the edtech space. Over 80% of our customer base are students and entrepreneurs, thus it is important to expose them to content that would reflect our vision and the need to fulfill this vision.

    This content would be in the form of blog posts, online events, social media content, and other forms of online media.


    • Craft out a powerful brand story that resonates with the audience.
    • Write compelling video scripts for short videos like course ads, DABA daily videos, voiceovers, etc.
    • Research subjects in line with the brand identity and develop content from this research.
    • Collaborate with the content strategist to determine the tone and style of branded content and ensure content consistency across all channels.
    • Work along with graphic designers, animators, video editors, and voiceover artists to tell stories in various formats.
    • Work with the content team to create appealing one-liners, headlines, taglines, descriptions, etc. for graphics and videos.
    • Brainstorm and collaborate with the team for new ideas and strategies.


    • Write in a variety of formats and styles for multiple audiences.
    • Deliver scripts within deadlines.
    • Write stories/scripts free from grammatical and technical errors.
    • Ready to collaborate and work with the team.
    • Able to sync literary creativity with marketing skills to produce original, appealing, and powerful brand stories.
    • Must Reside in Lagos


    1. Compelling plot. A good story delivers a promise of the premise and works to deliver on it.
    2. Believable characters.
    3. Natural dialogue.
    4. Strong imagery.
    5. Good pacing.


    1. Social media savvy and interactive
    2. good writing and story telling skills
    3. drive conversation to social media platforms and website
    4. The Script Content Manager will work with other department heads to develop marketing and promotions campaigns. S/he would oversee campaigns from their initial ideation to their completion and implementation.
    5. Additionally, S/he would monitor marketing budgets; Monitor and evaluate online media campaigns for effectiveness. Staying current with new online marketing venues and using those as part of your overall marketing strategy are critical parts of this role


    A No-Excuses Mentality Hard Working Creativity in Problem Solving A Growth Mindset Extreme Ownership Strong character

    Work Tool Stack

    1. Notion - Documentation and Collaboration
    2. Google Docs - Documentation

    Salary: 85-100k (can be negotiated)

    work Digital Abundance

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