• What is Adaptability?

    Adaptability means being able to adjust easily to new circumstances and environments. An adaptable person is one who keeps an open and positive mind, who is ready for new challenges, who stays calm and composed in the face of difficulties, who continues steadily despite problems or difficulties, who recovers quickly from setbacks, etc.

    It’s important that you learn how to become more adaptable, as developing the quality will help you respond well to change, uncertainty and crisis. Below are some tips on how to be more adaptable.

  • How to be more Adaptable
    • have an optimistic, farsighted attitude so as to be able to think ahead and stay positive while pushing through discomfort or rough patches
    • develop the ability to control your impulsive feelings and behaviors
    • avoid forming an opinion without enough thought or knowledge
    • be receptive to new ideas and concepts
    • approach tasks, problems, and situations with openness to alternatives
    • have a honest and balanced view of your own personality
    • show concern for the needs, wishes and feelings of others
    • have confidence in yourself and your own abilities

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