• What is Stress Management?

    Stress management is the act or process of reducing, preventing and coping with stress. Stress management involves identifying the causes of stress, planning and organizing your life and other practices to help deal with stress.

    It’s important that you learn how to manage stress properly, as being able to do that will help you live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. Below is our idea of how to manage stress.

  • How to Manage Stress
    • know yourself and the sources of your stress
    • plan and manage your time wisely
    • have a positive attitude toward life
    • avoid scheduling too many activities for yourself
    • take a break from your stressors and do something else you love doing
    • have a social life
    • have people you can talk to about your problems
    • live a healthy lifestyle, eat, exercise and sleep well daily
    • practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, prayer or yoga

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