• What is Teamwork?

    Teamwork is a cooperative effort by a group or team to achieve a goal. Teamwork involves two or more persons working together, supporting each other, applying their different skills and personalities, and sharing their insights and perspectives to achieve a goal.

    Teamwork when managed properly is a better way to work because individual members are able to accomplish more than they can do alone. Below are some tips on how to work well in a team.

  • How to Work Well in a Team
    • know and understand your team’s goals
    • know and understand your role in the team
    • appreciate the roles of other team members
    • be friendly, cheerful and positive
    • follow team instructions and rules carefully
    • put the interest of the team above yours
    • complete your assigned tasks before deadlines
    • ask for help from team members whenever necessary
    • respect, tolerate, support and motivate other team members
    • be ready and willing to help other team members
    • share your suggestions, ideas and opinions with the team
    • listen to and consider the ideas, suggestions and opinions of other team members
    • keep confidentiality and avoid gossiping about your team members
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