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    Date Posted: 2018-03-23

    Feature Story News, a world's leading independent broadcast news agency, is seeking an experienced reporter / correspondent for an opening in its Abuja bureau.

    Position: Reporter / Video­journalist

    Reports to: FSN’s Director of News

    Location: Abuja

    Primary Objectives: To report, produce, shoot, edit and transmit TV, digital and radio news reports and

    features for all FSN’s clients as required.


    ­ Pitch story ideas for FSN news clients on a regular basis.

    ­ Develop, shoot, script, edit and transmit TV news reports, features and video elements for FSN’s

    clients as required.

    ­ Script and produce TV, digital and radio news reports and features for FSN’s clients.

    ­ Liaise with clients and/or FSN’s News Director to pitch and receive commissions for features and

    news packages. Live shots, two­ways and phoners for FSN’s clients.

    ­ Occasional work with FSN clients providing production support as required to client

    correspondents working with FSN.

    ­ Occasional travel both within and outside Abuja with client correspondent(s), FSN staff or

    independently as agreed with FSN management.

    Additional Responsibilities:

    ­ Work with other FSN bureau staff in communicating in a regular and informed manner with FSN’s

    News Director and with client news directors as needed.

    ­ Maintain knowledge of news events, issues, and newsmakers within Nigeria as relevant to FSN’s

    current international client base.

    ­ Maintain all FSN office and field equipment in a fully functional state.

    ­ Log all work done in relevant billing logs.

    ­ Work with other FSN bureau staff in maintaining and developing video and audio archive files in a

    safe and accessible form.

    ­ Adhere to established journalistic ethics, standards and practices as outlined in FSN’s editorial


    ­ Perform other duties as assigned.

    Position Requirements:

    ­ Experience in the reporting and presenting of TV news reports and features.

    ­ A proven ability to originate, research, write, and present TV stories.

    ­ Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    ­ The ability to work to deadline in a fast news environment.

    ­ The ability to work as part of a team

    ­ Experience in shooting and editing is preferable but not mandatory for this position.

    Send resumes, showreels of on­screen work, and cover letters to: jobs@featurestory.com and

    barratto@featurestory.com Please put the words “ABUJA VIDEO JOURNALIST” in the subject line of

    your e­mail.

    Feature Story News is the world's leading independent broadcast news agency. For more than 25 years,

    the company has provided Emmy Award­winning original, customized news coverage that is seen and

    heard by millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and web users worldwide every day.

    Headquartered in Washington DC, FSN maintains regional broadcast hubs and co­ordinating offices in

    London, Hong Kong, Kampala and Caracas, and news bureaus serving international broadcasters in

    more than 20 other locations.

    FSN's content comes from the four corners of the world and is provided directly to a wide array of

    international TV, radio and digital news networks that subscribe to the company's services. FSN's 26

    global news bureaus are staffed by full­time, experienced and highly­skilled broadcast news professionals

    with decades of global experience.

    work Feature Story News

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